A number of Interesting facts about Apple

Posted by Tobias Guy on December 12, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

Steve Jobs, a standout amongst the most enigmatic leaders and innovator of our age, expired in the year 2011. While it has been years since his passing, Apple turned out to be 2014′s most valuable organization on the planet, which is testament to Jobs’ heritage. Apple has nonetheless remained the same secretive business that it always has been, even several years after the passing of Jobs. Unless you’re an Apple fanatic, there are a number of intriguing facts which you likely have not heard of. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating truth about Apple Inc. I’m sure you will be surprised and they may present you a glance of the top-secret formulas that bring in such ground-breaking products like the iPhone as well as the iPhone.

One of the very prominent facts about Apple is their fantastic sales rates on every new product they release. Apple sells close to 40 million iPhones every quarter now. This would mean that close to 400,000 iPhones are being sold by performing some straightforward maths. This amount is more than the international childbirth speed. The world-wide birth rate stands around 300,000 per day. There appears to be no stopping to this trend as the last report in 2014 says that around 500,000 new iPhone 5s are being built every day.

Apple stores worldwide are famous for their iconic designs. But their stores are income producing powerhouses. Formerly, Tiffany & Co was the king in regards to the quantity of sales produced per square foot basis. In 2013, each Apple shop allegedly produced twice as much revenues compared to Tiffany & Co. and that record was shatteredTo be exact, each square foot of every single Apple store creates $6,050 compared to the $3,017 created by Tiffany. It even come close or will be a while before these results are emulated by any other company.

Apple continues to amaze all of us at how well they’ve done, now that we’re at the beginning of the new millenium. Both as a business and as the Apple brand, they nevertheless keep on shattering people’s beliefs of what’s been believed as actually achievable. They are always striving to accomplish newer heights with their products and give customers something they never even believed would exist. Tim Cook had an enormous shoes to fill upon the departure of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Lots of people consider that Apple’s ‘best days’ are over Tim Cook and his group has by now revealed they can keep up the growth of the company’s at least for now. But we all are aware that nothing really lasts forever. That makes it a lot more interesting to watch Apple will keep the’s performance and whether they’re ever going to relent and this is as market analysts and lovers will continue to watch out for new innovations to see whether the next launch is another success.

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